Sixth Time’s the Charm? Struggling Grizzlies Looking to Snap 5-Game Losing Streak Against a Surging Bucks Team.

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Could kill everything...doesn't.

A brief summary of the Grizzlies last 5 games.


I’m not going to sugarcoat this, right now the Grizzlies are not playing very good basketball. And by not very good, I mean bad. Terribly bad. Terribad.

There are no doubt a myriad of reasons for this, but the uncomfortable truth remains: Memphis has lost five consecutive games, and 7 of their last 10.

From a morale standpoint, for the team and fans alike, they really need to win this game. The Grizzlies need to show up tonight against the Bucks, and they need to start acting like they remember how to play basketball. Because I exerted more effort getting my control top tights on Saturday night than the Grizzlies did on the court against the Hawks, with a few rare exceptions.


And I don’t mean these fake-ass, got it at the mall Grizzlies we’ve seen lately.

I mean the REAL Grizzlies – the team I watched beat the brakes off some of the top title contenders earlier this season.


Hopefully the team that shows up to play against the Bucks tonight will be the one that remembers how to win a basketball game. With Milwaukee currently on a 6-game winning streak, you can expect them not to make it easy.


What: Grizzlies vs Bucks

Where: The Grindhouse

TV/Radio Broadcast: Fox Sports Southeast, ESPN 92.9 WMFS


Doomsday is here.


UPDATE: So this just happened. Per Grizzlies PR, Chandler Parsons will be out indefinitely with a partial tear of the meniscus in his left knee. 



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