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All Heart. All Hoops. All Here.

All Heart in Hoop City

  • Sharon Brown- Founding Editor, Co-Owner
  • Aimee Stiegemeyer- Founding Editor, Co-Owner
  • Carmen Patton- Senior Contributor
  • Tabitha Richards- Senior Contributor
  • Elizabeth Smith- Senior Contributor

We are the first and only NBA site run by women, and our mission is to create original content from a unique perspective, as die hard female fans.

Our writers are a diverse group of women, but we all share the same love and passion for Grizzlies basketball and the city of Memphis.



  • Congrats on the website…Now, onward from Charlotte !!! (whew!)……

  • Keep on keepin on y’all…Been out of proverbial loop for awhile your insights into our rooks was very informative.
    I also praise ye(!)/y’all for not being all Rah Rah i.e. not a bunch of sycophantic towel waving homers! LOLz
    The rah rah types also are not true fans of The Association,turning off the games when one’s team gets knocked out of playoffs.
    Yall got a good grasp of BALL!

  • This is such an inspiration for female fans trying to get their voice heard in the NBA world, keep doing what you’re doing!

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