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Grizzlies Fail To Carve Out A Win Against Spurs – Round 1, Game 3 Recap

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So here we are.  Game 3.  Backs against the wall.  Multiple players down with injuries.  How will the Grizzlies respond to the buzzsaw that is the San Antonio Spurs?  Will they transform the spoons they have been playing with (shout-out to Matt Barnes) or will they bring out the forks, knives, can openers, and possibly wine openers (which might come in quite handy if the game goes south)?

Fans, media, and the team had much to say before the game about this season and what the Grizzlies needed to do to put one in that elusive W column for the Grizz. These are some of my favorites:


These heartfelt words from our own Matt Barnes (warning: explicit language)…

We found this out pregame (insert sad face here)…

Grizzlies fans everywhere heaved another sad sigh (and quite possibly picked up a bottle of wine on the way to the Grindhouse)…

Pregame was a huge party on the FEF plaza outside. Inside, fans were hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. Shout-out to my girl Carol for the Grizz stress relief.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.10.43 PM

The Grizzlies made a small change in their starting lineup.  Attempting to make some kind of adjustment that works, Coach Dave Joerger took Chris Andersen out of the starting lineup, going instead with Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, and Jordan Farmar.  The Spurs started Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge, Tim Duncan, Danny Green, and Tony Parker.

Memphis scored a series high 16 points in the first quarter, led by Zach Randolph with 6.  Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge each had 7 to lead the 1st quarter for San Antonio.

The 2nd quarter was a reversal of the 1st.  The Grizz finally took the lead (for only the 2nd time in the series) late in the 2nd…for all of 8 seconds.  But hey the Grizz finally won a quarter!  They had 25 in the quarter to the Spurs 18.  At the half the Grizzlies were only down by 1, with the score 44-43.

The dreaded 3rd quarter actually wasn’t that bad for the Grizz.  They ended the quarter shooting 45.8% to the Spurs 50%.  They won the quarter 28-26, with Zach Randolph scoring 8 in the period and Kawhi Leonard with 5 to lead the Spurs.

Honestly, what can I say about the 4th?  The Grizzlies finally just couldn’t do anything with the offensive fire of Leonard.  San Antonio won the quarter 26-16, with the final score 96 Spurs-87 Grizzlies.


By The Numbers:

*Field Goal %- Grizzlies 41.5% (34/82); Spurs 45.5% (35-77)

*Beyond the Arc- Grizzlies 22.2% (4/18) Vince Carter (1/2) and Xavier Munford (1/2) ; Spurs 46.2% (12/26) Kawhi Leonard (6/9) and Manu Ginobili (3/4)

*Free Throws- Grizzlies 78.9% (15/19) Vince Carter (4/4) and Zach Randolph (2/2); Spurs 73.7% (14/19)

*Battle of the Boards- Grizzlies 48 (15 Offensive, 33 Defensive) Matt Barnes and Zach Randolph each had 11 boards; Spurs 39 (7 Offensive, 32 Defensive) LaMarcus Aldridge 10 boards

*Assists- Grizzlies 17 (Jordan Farmar with 6); Spurs 24 (Tony Parker with 7)

*Steals- Grizzlies 4 (Matt Barnes with 2); Spurs 10 (Kawhi Leonard with 4)

*Blocks- Grizzlies 4 (JaMychal Green with 2); Spurs 12 (Kawhi Leonard with 5)

*+/- Grizzlies -9 for the game (Only Randolph, Allen, and Farmar were +); Spurs 9 (only 3 players were a negative for the game (Duncan, Parker, Simmons)

*Points in the Paint- Grizzlies 44 (22/50); Spurs 28 (14/30)

*2nd Chance Points- Grizzlies 18 (7/14); Spurs 1 (0/5)

*Fast Break- Grizzlies 12 (3/6); Spurs 17 (6/8)

*Biggest Lead- Grizzlies 3; Spurs 13

*Lead Changes- 8

*Ties- 7



*Zach Randolph was the Grizzlies leading scorer with 20 (6/15) and 11 boards.  He also had 2 free throws, only his 3rd and 4th of the series.

*Matt Barnes had 17 points and 11 boards.  He did his best to keep the crowd pumped up, but unfortunately had another poor night from beyond the arc (1/6) and ended as a -13.

*JaMychal Green had been suffering from flu symptoms pregame, but put in work as always with 10 points (5/5) and 4 boards.

*Vince Carter had 11 points and 8 boards on the night.


The Other Guys

*Kawhi Leonard ended as the game high scorer with 32 points, 7 boards, 2 assists, and 4 steals.  He proved that he was the best player that hit the floor by far.

*LaMarcus Aldridge ended with 16 points and 10 boards.

*Danny Green and Manu Ginobili each had 11 points on the night.


*Game Notes

 Our beloved mascot Grizz did his thing yet again.  After forgiving Natch the bear for his past transgressions, Grizz was again tricked and tied up by the evil Natch and his minions (all 3 dressed in Spurs gear). Super Grizz proceeded to emerge from the back with a chair and did his best TLC impression by laying out 2 mascots with a chair.  He slammed the heel Natch on a table, climbed a ladder, crossed himself (s/o to Shane McMahon), and drove the black bear through the table.  Yes, we have the best mascot and Game Ops crew around!  Did I mention Grizz made national news for this?  Even wrestling sites were sharing the videos!

I was impressed with the crowd.  After a 9-point loss, the Grizzlies fans still gave a nice ovation for the home team.  I am not ashamed to say I stood there in the media section doing the same.  In Memphis, we appreciate heart.  We appreciate effort.  We appreciate our team leaving it all out on that floor, regardless of the circumstances, the talent disparity, or the odds against them.

The Grizzlies threw everything they had at the Spurs for 4 quarters.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to help them come away with the W.  Keep Grinding GrizzNation.  Now is not the time to stop believing in this team.  Be in the Grindhouse on Sunday at noon to cheer on the team yet again.  If it’s a W, we live to play another day.  If it’s an L, let this team know how much we appreciate all that they have done.  Regardless, be there!






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