Fielding the Opposition: In The Cavs Den

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By: Garrett Price

Five keys that will determine the outcome of the Memphis vs Cleveland game

Lebron vs the Memphis Defense

When Lebron is playing like Lebron, he is nearly impossible to stop. However, if there is a defense that can contain him, it’s Memphis. Memphis gave up the second fewest points per game last year. Cleveland won both games against the Grizzlies last year with Lebron totaling 45 points and 16 assists in those games. Something has to give here…and whoever stands tall will likely win this game.

Will Mike Conley take advantage of the second and third string point guards?

With Kyrie injured to start the season, the Grizzlies have a major advantage at the PG position.  Mike Conley is an elite player in this league, but doesn’t always get the credit that he deserves.  If he plays like the player we all know that he is, then he should give the Grizz a huge boost in the backcourt.

Will the real JR Smith please stand up?

JR Smith might be the streakiest player in the NBA. When he is hot he can carry a team, but when cold he can doom the outcome. Let’s see if the Cavs get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

Can Timofey Mozgov compete with Marc Gasol?

Mozgov is an extremely improved big man, but Marc Gasol is one of, if not the best center in the game.  The stat line if 17.4 ppg 7.8 reb and 1.6 blks is nothing to sneeze at and Mozgov still has a thing or two to learn.

Joerger vs Blatt

This is one of the best coaching match-ups that no one knows about. Sure, the names are not Rivers or Popovich, but these new kids on the block could become the big name guys of the future. Tonight let’s see which coach can out smart the other with their rotations and play calling.

Garret Price covers the NBA for Amico Hoops: @GMP_33

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