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Tsar of Zingers

Prokhorov’s Favorite Film’s are “all the Rocky Movies, except the one where he beats up on the Russian, of course”

There may be a a new bad boy in the game, and his name is Mikhail Prokhorov, owner of the repackaged Brooklyn Nets. Though, Prokhorov isn’t exactly new to the league, he’s been viewed as a bit of an Iron Curtain since he he purchased the then New Jersey Nets in 2010. The stoic Rushkie made headlines this week after breaking his silence and finally commenting on Jason Kidd’s failed power play and subsequent departure from Brooklyn this past summer.

“I think we shouldn’t get mad. I think we should get even. And we will see it on the court.”

This resounding statement  is far from out of character. Russian’s aren’t known for their colorful wit, but Prokhorov is no typical Russian, the businessman turned Politician has provided more than a few zingers throughout the years, but his heavy handed approach at the start of this season, may be taking his name, and his team’s rivalries to new heights.
Prokhorov when asked about Jason Kidd’s Departure from the Nets Organization.
“I think there is a nice proverb in English: Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord has split you.”

His response to Mark Cuban’s concerns about his lack of presence at League games was to challenge the Dallas owner to a bout.
“Let the best man win. If he wins, I will crush him in kickboxing throwdown.”

His riposte to Kevin Garnet Paul Pierce Trade presentation in the summer of 2013.
“Hell Yes”

Not only does the man shoot from the hip, but the Russian Billionaire has the cash and influence to back it up. Prokhorov’s Us vs. Them mentality has created significant media buzz and has fans anticipating the Bucks trip to Brooklyn on November 19th. The approach has worked for fellow NBA Team proprietor of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, who over the past 14 years as owner, amassed nearly two million dollars in fines, largely for his critique of ‘unjust’ league referees, Twitter rants, oh and there was that one time he stared down former commish David Stern. Like Cuban, Prokhorov hasn’t shied away from making his enemies known, one of which is Cuban, and the newest opponent of the Red Scare, Jason Kidd  brings to Milwaukee a disdain and dislike by Prokhorov and a growing majority of the Nets Fan-base.

With trades popping up like the morning paper, it’s hard to keep all the players and their teams straight, but rivalries have staying power, and so does Prokhorov, more so that Kidd at least. One thing is for sure, the Bucks and Nets won’t have .500 teams, but the Battle of Barclays on November 19th will provide us with plenty of Prokhorov material to last until the teams’ next bout in February.


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