Grizzlies fall to Trailblazers at home

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The Memphis Grizzlies faced the Portland Trailblazers in the third game of their four game home stand.  After starting the game defensively stronger and more in sync offensively than they have in recent games, the Grizz fell to the Blazers, 100-92.  Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly of last night’s game against the Blazers.


The Good

After a very telling post game interview from team captain Marc Gasol on Saturday, most were curious to see how the Grizzlies would play last night.  In the interview, Gasol offered  an apology and criticism regarding the team’s play by acknowledging “selfish” play and a lack of focus on defense.  The Grizzlies came out hot on both ends of the floor.  Starters for the night were Mario Chalmers, Dillon Brooks, Chandler Parsons, Jamychal Green and Marc Gasol.  Last night was just the second time fans witnessed that starting line-up, but it went better than the first time.


Chalmers led all Grizzlies scorers with 21 points (7-12), 6 assists, 6 rebounds, and no turnovers.


Gasol ended the game with a near triple double with 19 points (7-20), 12 rebounds and 7 assists.  Gasol also had 2 blocks.



Green also scored in double digits with 11 points (4-10), 5 rebounds, and 2 assists.  Green also had 2 steals.



Tyreke Evans came off the bench and gave the Grizzlies another 20 point game with 20 points (7-15), 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and a block.



The Grizzlies made 33 baskets and had 23 total assists.  They had a total of six steals and nine blocks and forced fifteen Blazers turnovers which led to 18 points.  The Grizzlies also managed to hold the Blazers to a field goal percentage just under forty percent.  They shared the ball (i.e. weren’t selfish), and they defended.  Gasol even spoke of the changes he saw from game to game.

“It’s not the outcome that we all wanted, but there are a lot of things we can build on, that we can learn from. Unlike the game against Houston, where it was the complete opposite. I think this game, obviously, we didn’t have a great night shooting, but defensively we were way more engaged, way more physical, way more aggressive, way more proactive, and that’s what it’s going to take. Obviously, then, we have to make shots and give good passes, but those things you can clean up and you can build on. It’s obviously still not a good feeling to lose, ever, but you can come back tomorrow, build on it, watch film – everybody keeps looking at themselves and seeing what you can do as a professional. It’s that simple, and not in a negative way. Just see what your job is, and see where your shots are coming from, and see what you need to do to help the team. I think that’s my take from the game tonight.”  ~ Marc Gasol




So, what went wrong?



The Bad

The Grizzlies made 33 baskets, but they took a total of 86 shots.  So, they also shot under forty percent.  The Grizzlies made two more three-point shots than the Blazers.  However, the Grizz (8-30) took twice as many as the Blazers (6-15) did.

Although the fouls called were just slightly different (26 for the Grizz; 23 for the Blazers), the Blazers (28-32) had nine more free throw attempts than the Grizz (18-23).

While Gasol had a near triple double, he is still facing some woes in his shooting.  Parsons also struggled a bit with his shot only contributing six points for the night.

So, what ultimately led to the Grizzlies loss?



The Ugly

With 4:20 remaining in the first quarter, the Grizz led the game 19-10 and seemed to have the game under their control.  As the bench subbed in for the starters, the game took a terrible turn in the wrong direction.  Over a stretch of nearly twelve minutes (end of the first quarter through the second quarter), the Blazers went on a 32-10 run.  The game got away quickly in that run, and Coach Fizdale was forced to limit the Grizzlies to a seven man rotation after seeing no production from that unit (Andrew Harrison, James Ennis, Ben McLemore, Jarell Martin, Deyonta Davis) operating together.  Harrison played only three minutes, Ennis played under eight, and Martin played just over eight.  McLemore and Davis did see some time in the second half as a relief to the starters.

In addition, the Grizzlies allowed the Blazers to grab 25 more rebounds than them.  Only five of the Grizzlies 35 total rebounds were offensive.  Of the Blazers 60 total rebounds, 45 of them were defensive.

This loss was the Grizzlies fifth consecutive loss of the season.  The loss puts the team two games below 0.500 and in 8th place in the Western Conference, presently.  It also leaves them 0-3 in the four game home stand.


This isn’t the time to hold your heads down, Grind City.  This isn’t the time to press the panic button and stop supporting the team.  They’ve got one more home game before they head to Denver for a quick road trip.  Grizz fans, you are the sixth man.  Come on out and support as the Grizzlies face the division rivals, Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night at 7 p.m.



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