A win will be nice against the Heat

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A win is all I want…

Tonight, the Memphis Grizzlies will face the Miami Heat for the first time this season.

On Saturday night, against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis scored 57 points on 22-of-43 shooting (.512) in the first half; however, the team only scored just nine points on 3-of-20 shooting (.150) in the third quarter, a season-low point total for any quarter this season.

Memphis finished its home back-to-back set with losses to the Toronto Raptors on Friday night and Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night.

The Grizzlies lost double-digit leads in both games, losing a 17-point advantage to the Raptors and a 20-point lead to the Thunder.

The Grizzlies have to be consistent offensively for the entire game. The NBA is a game of two halves and this team has been consistently bad in the second half of games recently.

They must take the right shots. Settling has not helped and has gone well for the opponents. All I want is a win!!

The defense has disappeared in the wind. Was it taken over by aliens? Are there voodoo dolls of all the players on the team that someone is using? Something IS wrong. This is not one of the best defensive teams in the NBA as it once was. I am aware the roster is not the same but, they should be better than this!! All I want is a win…

Players have to perform at a high level nightly and not sporadically. This team can’t be great as it once was with poor play from its players. All I want is a win.

This team has to get it right..RIGHT NOW!! There’s no learning curve in the NBA. At this point in the season, these guys are at the bottom in nearly all the statistical areas that are counted. All I want is a win!!!

Now the Grizzlies are now 8–18 for the season and it probably will get worse. All I want is a win!!

The team has lost 14 of their last 15 games!! For the love of everything…All I want is a win!!

Nine point third quarters is not going to cut it. All I want is a win!! After the game Andrew Harrison talked about how frustrating losing is. “It’s the NBA. It’s part of it,” Harrison said. “But at the same time we have to figure out a way to close out these games. It’s frustrating. Hard to sleep.”

The Grizzlies have been plagued by injuries once again. Mike Conley, Wayne Selden, Jr. and Brandan Wright are all on the injured list.

Injury Bear Feels Your Pain


So, tonight against Miami…ALL I WANT IS A WIN. They need to play with urgency and be consistent for 48 minutes on both ends of the floor. Don’t TALK about it, BE about it Grizzlies. If you guys can compete with any team in the league, PROVE IT!! Players need to stop blaming one another and be accountable. Again, ALL I WANT IS A WIN!



Where: FedEx Forum

When: 7:00 pm CST

TV/Radio: Fox Sports Southeast/ESPN 92.9 FM

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