What They Said!! Grizzlies vs Spurs 03-28-16

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Opening Statement:

“Good game, just a poor start for us again just from the jump. We had too many turnovers leading to too many easy baskets for them. They have enough easy time scoring at the high level that they play at, so playing from a deficit was a struggle and they’re certainly much more comfortable taking the shots and getting to spots that they got to. Obviously, we won the last five minutes, but hats off to them. They’re a really good team and they run guys in and out. They’ve got a lot of guys that are very difficult to guard and can make shots. We’ve got to keep getting better.”


On tonight’s game:

“We tried to even out the minutes a little bit so everybody could find some life. I think we got shots in the arm from a couple different guys. We had some guys that had tough nights tonight too, so it was easier for guys to put their heads down a little bit. The Spurs are the Spurs and they’re a machine. It’s pretty difficult to deal with LaMarcus (Aldridge) at this point, so it was a little disheartening, but we’ve got to charge on. We’ve got eight games left. We’ve got four home and four on the road, whatever that number may be that we’ve got to get to. We’ve got to play better. We’re playing hard, but we’ve got to come out with a much better focus and the little plays and the little, “I shouldn’t have done thats,” you cannot get away with against the good teams. You cannot play scattered, you’ve got to play organized.”


On Lance Stephenson:

“He had a tough game in general. They just sat back in the lane and waited for him just because he’s going to come to you. You try to get a shot and the jumper to fall down to make them play you a little bit and it hurt them at their place, but certainly they were keyed into him. They had a lot of people standing around waiting for him to go.”


On if Zach Randolph and PJ Hairston will play on Wednesday:

“I hope so, that’s the game we need. I don’t know. Obviously, not matter when, I hope he (Zach Randolph) plays. I have no information for you as far as where he’s at as far as time to return. PJ (Hairston) is coming along so he’s got a chance to play later this week hopefully.”



On preparing for the Denver Nuggets:

“We have to come out with a better focus and come out with a better sense of urgency. We need to understand that these next eight games they just need to mean more to us to either stay at the fifth seed or possibly move up. We just need to approach each 48 minutes as they come. If we have a little more sense of urgency, like I said, starting out maybe down the stretch in those games steal us some.”


On expectations of Denver Nuggets team:

“I know they are pretty young and they are out there playing free. They are very capable of getting a win. This is the NBA so you got to be ready, be prepared, pay attention to detail, and everything else will take care of itself.”


On tonight’s game:

“Tonight could have been a game that we put under our belt. Those guys played hard. They played together. They were the aggressors. They are the Spurs, so you just got to take your hat off to them. They were the better team tonight.”




On the game:

“On to the next. Tough day in the books tonight. We just got to learn from it and get better next game.”


On playing through team injuries:

“It is very challenging. We got a lot of guys out but we just got to keep playing hard. No excuses. We got the talent. We just got to come in focused and play hard.”


On the low energy level tonight:

“San Antonio did a great job tonight and locked us up. We forced a lot of stuff that didn’t work tonight. We had a tough day in the books. We just got to look at film and watch what we did wrong and get ready for the next game.”


On the team’s reaction to the loss:

“Frustrated because we wanted to win. Every night is not your night and tonight was not our night. Like I said, we just got to watch film and get with the coaches and see what we did wrong. Move forward.”




On Kyle Anderson setting career highs in assists and steals:

“He’s been doing that all year. He’s a good player.”


On LaMarcus Aldridge’s performance tonight:

“LaMarcus (Aldridge) was great. After a few days rest and he looked spry and ready to go. You know, he’s a pro. He knows what to do and he does it well.”


On how the Spurs kept the Grizzlies from scoring many points in the paint:

“Do you want me to put on a clinic for you? I mean, we played good D.”


On if David West is okay:

“He’s fine, but no it wasn’t rest. I just decided to give him the night off.”



On the end of the season:

“I don’t think it’s a grind. I think it is more of what’s most important to us at this time of year. Is it to grind? Or is to stay fresh and as healthy as we can, going into the playoffs? And I think that is what we are trying to do. We are trying to stay healthy and keep guys fresh. Plus it gives the chance to the new guys that are here to understand the system and how we play a little bit. The last few games, we have done a good job of that.”


On LaMarcus Aldridge:

“He steps forward every night. He’s been absolutely huge for us all year. At this point of the year, it is managing him and making sure he’s healthy and fresh and ready to go come playoff time.”


On Kyle Anderson:

“He’s got confidence in understanding what we are trying to do. What comes of that when you play hard and you execute well, you gain confidence. And I think that has been what he has been able to do over the length of the season for sure and it’s paying off now.”




On his game:

“I just try to have a complete game. I try to get the rebounds, find some teammates and do some scoring.”


On his season:

“My goal for this whole season has been to try to get minutes in the playoffs. I’m just focusing on what I can control and going out there and playing defense and rebounding.”


On his passing:

“I’ve always been a point guard growing up. Pop (Coach Popovich) told me at halftime to get back to passing the ball so I’m just trying to get guys involved really.”


On getting more minutes:

I think our stars- Kawhi (Leonard) and LaMarcus (Aldridge) do a great job. They’ve done a great job this whole season of getting us to where we are. With the guys coming off the bench, it’s up to us now when they do rest to get out there and keep it going. We need to bring the same intensity that those guys do, even though we might not have the same skill level as the big three plus the other two. We have to match their energy, and maybe even more. It’s fun and we look at it as a challenge.”


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