The Grizzlies Vs. The Kings: Will we ‘boogie’ to a win?

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Good morning GrizzNation! Tonight at 7pm our Grizzlies host the Sacramento Kings in the first of 4 matchups this season. This is our second game in a 4 game home stand. The Grizzlies haven’t lost a regular season home game since we played Dallas on Feb 5; that’s a 17-0 record heading into tonight’s game. Not only will a win tonight keep our home record intact; but it will give Siri another chance to let us know we are the Number 1 team in the NBA (with a Toronto loss of course or either way really). This has been a great start to the season and, I am looking forward to tonight’s game.

What should we watch for?

For starters, two of the best centers in the league are going head to head in tonight’s game. This is going to be a great low post matchup between DeMarcus Cousins and Marc Gasol. Marc has had a bit of a drop off the last 2 games and I am hoping to see aggressive Marc back tonight. He’s now averaging 17.7 pts per game on the season and 7.5 rebounds. Between Marc and Zach we are in for a deliciously gritty game. Boogie has started his season out impeccably and while the Kings have dropped their last 2 games, he still performed at a high level, averaging 22.1 points and 11.1 rebounds a game this season. I’d like to see the Grizzlies clean up at the rim and keep the ball out of Cousins’ hands.

The Kings have been a high scoring team so far this season at 103 pts per game, even after only averaging 95.5 in their last 2. That said, they come to the Grindhouse with our defense still being ranked Number 1 in the league. Look for us to force turnovers and cause frustration on the court, which is after all,  what we do best. The Kings have surprised the league with their strong start; consistency is an issue for them. We can capitalize on this by creating opportunities at the post and scoring off turnovers. This is their last game in a 4 game road trip and their starting PG Darren Collison is still questionable for tonight’s game. Expect our bench to continue to find a way to produce. The Lakers game was a great start and tonight, after getting a practice in, it will be nice to see if our pieces start to fall together.

What about the fun stuff ?

Heckle, heckle, heckle away tonight if you are in the Grindhouse! Did you know that Boogie made a goal to only receive 5 Technicals this season? I don’t know about you guys, but I would love to see the Grizz hand him his first. The Grizzlies have a tendency to frustrate him by matching his physical play in the mud. So boo, bully and give it all you got to build his frustration. A frustrated Boogie means a lone ranger Rudy and I plan on that leading to a Grizz W. On top of that, anytime Rudy comes back it’s time for some good natured (pay close attention to that adjective) ribbing. Hate him or love him, he’s been performing. So I ask the questions, will his new eyes continue to work? Will he create his own infamous shot? Or will he simply dribble the ball off his foot? I know you all remember his glory days here with us and just in case you forgot, for your viewing pleasure….


Tabitha Smith

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