In Shy’s Corner: My Views on Game 1 of Grizzlies vs Blazers

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NBA Playoffs Game 1


Memphis started off the post season with a bang. The real Grizzlies showed up last night at the Grindhouse. The Grind to Greatness continued! They played with that tenacity and heart we all know and love. That Grit and Grinding was going on!! They were just too much for the Blazers to handle. When they are engaged like that, they’re hard to beat. Five straight victories against this Blazers team this season is big deal.

It was tables, ladders and chairs..OH MY!! Natch turned heel on the Grizzlies. He laid out Grizz with a chair from behind and revealed his Blazers jersey (TRAITOR!!!) Grizz was put on the injury list for the rest of the game. But Super Grizz had the last laugh. Super Grizz executed a perfect RKO (Randy Orton would have been proud!!) and climbed a ladder and broke Natch in half through a table. The crowd went wild. Take a look here:

Taking Care of Grizzness



Beno Udrih can straight up ball. He had a near triple double. He was the Grizzlies high scorer with 20 points, 7 rebounds, and 7 assists. Portland absolutely had no answer for him. Even the person who runs the Trail Blazers Twitter account recognized greatness last night! Beno was clearly playoffs ready last night!!

Game 1 highlights from Beno:

Both Mike Conley and Tony Allen returned to action with jubilation from the sell out crowd. Both made us all proud with their play coming back from injury. Both didn’t miss a beat. It was a great sight to see. They are playoff ready; even though, they missed some key games at the end of the regular season. Having Clutch Conley and the Grindfather will be key for a series victory for the Grizz.

Highlights from Clutch Conley and The Grindfather:  


The Smash Brothers were in full effect!! Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph combined for 31 points and 22 rebounds. They both were pumped and ready to play. They both know what is at stake and rose to occasion. It was good to see their camaraderie on the court last night (with the approval of GrizzNation). The domination of those two will be a big reason for a deep playoffs run.

Smash Brothers Highlights:



Lastly, playoff’s basketball is back at the Grindhouse and it’s a wonderful experience. GrizzNation is loud with growl towels waving. You never know what chant will breakout. Either we will hear fans shout in unison Whoop That Trick, just yell out Zbo, Zbo, Zbo and DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. It is wild and you never know what’s going to happen at a Grizzlies playoff’s game. The Grizz game op are some of the best in the business. Here’s proof of their accolades:

I hope everyone enjoyed my views from Game 1 of this series. I hope to see you on Wednesday night at 7pm for another wonderful experience in Game 2. #ChasingGreater continues…

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