The First Edition of In Shy’s Corner: Grizzlies’ 2015 in a ‘Dream’

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The year 2014 has come to an end and our Memphis Grizzlies are in 1st place in the Southwest division with a record of 23-8. The Grizzlies have the best regular season record in the calendar year (2014) going 60-23 under Coach Dave Joerger. In this first edition of ‘In Shy’s Corner’, I will like to share my ‘dream’ for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2015.

1) In the month of January, the Grizzlies will go 15-1 with their lone loss to the Dallas Mavericks on the second night of a back to back.

2) Dave Joerger will be named Coach of the Month from January through April. He will be named as the coach of the All-Star game and will get Coach of the Year honors.

3) Marc Gasol will become the first ever Grizzlies player to be selected by the fans to be a starter in the NBA All-Star game. Marc will average 30 points a game in the month of January – March and will go on to become league MVP.

4) Mike Conley and Zach Randolph will be selected by the NBA coaches to be All-Stars. Mike Conley also will participate and win in the Skills Challenge competition All-Star Week.

5) The Grizzlies will go 10-1 in the month of February while losing to the LA Clippers on February 23rd. The loss will come off a hard fought triple OT victory over the Portland Trailblazers the night before.

6) Grizzlies will have a slightly tough March and will lose 4 games against the Washington Wizards, the Dallas Mavericks, the Portland Trailblazers and the Sacramento Kings. But they will win all their games in April.

7) The Grizzlies will win the season series against the Spurs going 3-1. Zach Randolph will have 31 points and 21 rebounds in that game.

8) Both Mike Conley & Marc Gasol will have triple doubles before the season concludes.

9) Tony Allen will record 10 steals in a game.

10) Courtney Lee will return as the Grizzlies Offensive Assassin and will end up averaging 17.5 points per game this season. He also will hit 10 three pointers in a game against the LA Clippers.

11) No players will be traded from the team before or on the trade deadline. The Grizzlies will stand pat and ride with the players they have.

12) ESPN & TNT will finally give the Grizzlies some respect.

13) Kosta Koufos & Nick Calathes will get the Vince Carter (complete bald heads with a beard and wear headbands).

14) Grizzlies will win the Southwest division. And will be the #2 seed in the West for the playoffs. They will sweep their first two series.

15) They will face the Golden State Warriors in the WCF & will defeat them 4-1 to advance to the NBA Finals.

16) The Grizz we face the Chicago Bulls in the NBA finals and will defeat them 4-2 to become the NBA Champions.

17) We will be partying on Beale for 7 straight days after the win. And the parade will commence down Beale.

18) And after signing Marc Gasol to a max deal, LeBron James will shock the world and sign with the Grizzlies as our new starting small forward. He will say he wants to play for the best team in the league!

19) After the Lebron signing, the Grizzlies win 3 back to back championships.


I know some of the things will most likely not come into fruition, but a girl can ‘dream’ for those things to happen. I am speaking and claiming that many items in the ‘dream’ will come true. But I am smart enough to know that the Grizzlies will lose more than 6 games for the remainder of the season. LeBron James won’t sign with them and ESPN and TNT won’t give the Grizzlies the respect deserved. Keep in mind, this was yet a dream. I am looking forward to one of the greatest seasons in the Memphis Grizzlies history. So stay tuned to see if my ‘dream’ will come true. Believe GrizzNation and let our Grizzlies grind on to the 2014-2015 NBA Finals and become the 1st time NBA Champions in this record breaking, memorable season!

Happy New Year from the ladies at All Heart in Hoop City!! Have a great 2015!

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