What They Said! Memphis Grizzlies vs Cleveland Cavaliers Quotes

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After a huge old fashion whippin’ from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Memphis Grizzlies will face the Golden State Warriors tonight (March 27) at FedExForum.  The Cleveland game is behind us now but let’s reflect on what the big guns had to say.

Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger

On the game:

“Obviously a tough night for the home team. That team over there is elite and they are just a very, very potent team. I said that when we played them the first time at their place. They have a lot of multiple skilled players, in my mind three MVP candidates or guys who have been mentioned as MVP candidates. They always have one of them on the floor and they do a great job of spreading you around. I don’t think that our offense put enough pressure on them by scoring. We got 50 shots in the paint and that’s a really good night for us. I thought we missed a lot of shots and they were able to play free and loose playing from the lead for most of the game. It was a tough game for us. Ithought there was a high level of energy in the first half. I though we got certainly frustrated in the third quarter and kind of doing it individually instead of collectively, and that’s where a couple of turnover s came in and gave them a couple of quick shots. But I liked that the second group kept fighting there at the end. They are a good team .”

On the defense:

“They have great players that we didn’t stay in front of. We had to commit two people to stay in front of those guys. LeBron (James) is the best passer I think in the game as a ball handler. He’s finding guys out on the three-point line and he’s finding guys at the rim. We just didn’t take enough care of keeping people in front of us in the pick-and-roll. We have to close it up. What hurt us in the first half was the second chance points that they got. Our bigs had to help the basketball too much. (Timofey) Mozgov took out too many offensive rebounds. He got 12 points on the glass in the first half and that’s tough for us to surrender.”

On missing shots:

“I don’t know technique-wise what we were doing wrong. We missed a lot of layups I thought. There was not a lot of space. They had about 16 guys in the paint. But we got good looks and we didn’t knock down shots and we didn’t finish around the rim.”

Cavaliers Head Coach David Blatt

Opening statement:

“We came to play. We were focused on having a defensive presence in the first quarter and I thought we had that right from the get go. I really like the way we played today. We tried to push the tempo as the game went along but the important thing was that we established ourselves defensively.”

On ball movement:

“That was about as good as we’ve seen it this year. There have been a lot of games like that but this was certainly one of the best.”

On playing rested:

“It just seems like when we get a day’s rest and then practice we really come out to play. We start fresh and I think when you look at it statistically we’re 11-0 in those situations. Our guys were fresh, they were hungry and they were ready.”

On defending Zach Randolph:

“Zach [Randolph] Is a great player. We knew we were going to have to challenge him with different players and our starting group did a good job . I thought [Kendrick) Perkins came in and did a great job for six minutes in the first quarter. We did a pretty good job limiting him.”

On Kevin Love’s performance:

“Kevin [Love] was terrific. I thought we were able to mix it up for him inside and outside and he responded beautifully. He really worked hard to get to his spots on the floor. He made his plays when he had opportunities and he also facilitated really well for others. Kevin [Love] is a great passer and that really helped us tonight with our offensive flow.”

Grizzlies Guard Tony Allen (7 points, 8 rebounds)

On the game:

“A lot of things (went wrong) – missed opportunities at the basket. I thought the coverages, whatever the case may be, they were able to pick us apart. When they went to the 1-5 pick and roll, the guys were making perimeter threes; obviously they made 14 threes. Once they start making those threes outside then you can pick your poison, coming off that pick and roll you can decide if you want to hit the roller or throw it back out to the perimeter for three. Once they got comfortable doing that, the game was in their possession.”

On missing shots early:

“Coach came in and said we have to score. I thought the ball was in their court the whole game once they took advantage of their sets. It was an old fashioned beat down. They came here and they wanted it more. Hats off to those guys; they’re playing in a great grove. I think this was any eye opener to us; our consistency has to be a little better.”

On upcoming game vs. Golden State:

“They play the same way; they play that stretch four. They get inside the defense with a great point guard like Kyrie Irving with Stephen Curry. They put pressure on defense, and we’re going to have be able to defend that and be ready for that. Nobody is going to feel sorry for us, we gotta keep playing. We have to stay confident and not get down on ourselves.”

On struggling scoring in the paint:

“I thought we were over anxious. I thought we were to amped up to play this game. We can’t let the game be bigger than us. We have to be ready to come in and play our style of basketball. We have to stay together – ultimately. I thought today we put our head down, and we can’t have that.

On everyone playing individually :

“I thought I was part of that. I tried to take it a few times. My point guard Mike Conley told me after the game, ‘Sometimes you just have to relax.’ I thought the game was a little too big for myself. I was too excited. I have to stay within the system, personally. We have to be better, and pay attention to details when those stretch fours and those good point guards play with athletic bigs. There is a lot of things that led up to this beat down.”

Grizzlies Forward Zach Randolph (5 points, 3 rebounds)

On the game:

“We haven’t had one of them in a long time . They played good – they’re a good team. We didn’t play good, including myself. We didn’t get defensive stops and hit shots. They hit 14 threes, we hit four. They got shots in the paint – it’s a game. They were moving the ball, hitting shots. It makes you have a sickness in your stomach because you know that you are better than that. It’s the NBA, so it’s a good thing because you always have a game the next day. You have to prepare – it’s tough.”

Cavaliers Forward LeBron James (20 points, 8 rebounds , 5 assists)

On this performance:

“Every facet of the game was locked in; defensively, offensively, personnel wise. We knew what we wanted to accomplish tonight and we did that .”

On bigs:

“Our bigs had to set the tone. From (Timofey) Mozgov, to Kevin (Love) to Perk (Kendrick Perkins) to double T (Tristan Thompson), they had to set the team versus this team and they did that.”

On finding holes in the Grizzlies’ defense:

“It’s just any defense. You have to share the ball, you have to move the ball, and get the ball moving from side to side. Not only ball movement but player movement as well. I think we did that tonight.”

On the game:

“Against this team with 30 assists or 43 field goals is great, is good as you can get. Obviously we know how great they are, defensively-speaking, especially in this building. For us to move the ball and share the ball like we did in the facet like we did was very impressive.”

On open shots:

“Just take your time. Trust your mechanics and just shoot it. I saw I had a lot of room and I didn’t want to rush it. I had a lot of time to get the laces right and I just take the shots that I take when I work on my game. I was able to drain it.”

Cavaliers Guard Kyrie Irving (24 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals)

On the difference in the game:

“Just our mindset coming in. It’s the way it’s been since probably January 15. We have been on this amazing run. We have had a few tough losses but we have learned from every single one. Tough teams like this in a competitive environment, great fans is a great test for us. We take it as a challenge. We wanted to come out right away and execute on both ends of the floor.”

On setting the tone of the game right out of the gate:

“When we are coming out like that, being ultra-aggressive and taking open shots and knocking them down we are practically unguardable out there. I told Kevin during the game he spaces out the floor so well for us. That’s a big piece we need going forward. We need him to continue to be aggressive and be himself. I know he puts a lot of hard work in as we all do. We trust him in making those decisions.”

On setting new standards:

“We want to take that as a challenge. I think the most important thing is we don’t get too high or get too low. We don’t worry about any external things or issues of what’s going on. We take care of our business in the locker room as brothers. We win, lose, or draw as brothers. The type of atmosphere we create here. I saw it all the time but I’ve never played with a team like this. We are always close and when it’s time to lock in, we lock in. Like I said win, lose, or draw we are all brothers.”

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